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Case Study: Launching Lygon

Explore the success story of Lygon, a new business venture, through this case study. Learn how strategic planning, marketing, and customer engagement helped launch Lygon and create a successful business.

About is digital bank guarantees business built with blockchain technology.


Lygon had an awesome product and a willing client base, but the challenge was to meet the market with a sales and service-ready platform. The team was using a complex suite of disparate tools to manage their sales pipeline, knowledge base, and customer service operations. They needed a better way to manage their customer relationships and grow their business.


Lygon worked with to implement HubSpot's sales, marketing, and service software. helped Lygon build out their sales pipeline, and create a knowledge base for their customer service team. They also helped Lygon create and implement a plan for managing their customer relationships.


Lygon was able to build an effective, transparent, and measurable sales pipeline along with a best-in-call customer service engine with a ready-made knowledge base all on the HubSpot platform. They have seen an ROI of almost instantly positive.

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