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Hamma & Days.Golf: A Case Study of a Marketing Agency & Print on Demand Apparel Store

Discover how Hamma & Days.Golf, a marketing agency and print-on-demand apparel store, have used their expertise to create custom-made golf apparel that looks great and helps golfers improve their game. Learn more about their success story here.

About is a new golf apparel company with a vision to create unique, high-quality products that golfers will love to wear on and off the course.


When approached us, they had a great product idea but didn't know how to bring it to market. They needed help in developing their brand, product, online store and go to market strategy.


We worked with to develop their brand identity and create a print on demand apparel store. We also helped them create a full brand collateral, develop a ready for shipping product range and create a social media strategy. In addition, we created a complete go to market content-led strategy that included a PPC strategy.


As a result of our work, now has a unique product that is ready for market growth. They are able to grow organic sales and have a developed a complete go to market strategy.

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