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Content Strategy Project Case Study

Learn how the Content Strategy Project was successfully implemented to improve customer engagement and increase website traffic. See how our team used a data-driven approach to develop a comprehensive content strategy that delivered measurable results.

About is a digital marketing agency based in Brunswick, Melbourne. We work with a range of businesses across a number of industries, including property, education, automotive and more.

One of our customers, a new entrant to the buyer's agent market.They have a small but dedicated team in Geelong and they specialise in residential and commercial properties in Victoria and Australia.


When we started working with Henning Property, they had very little in the way of a digital footprint. Their website was new, but they needed more content. They needed to grow their digital footprint quickly, with relevant, timely and engaging content, and they needed to have it completed quickly and within a moderate budget.


We adopted a ski-slope strategy, utilising some AI functionality from, to identify 15-core articles covering bottom-of-the-funnel searches and some ever-green top-of-the-funnel glossary-type content. This gave us a solid foundation of content to work with and we were able to quickly boost the site's visibility and, working alongside our SEO team, capitalise on link-building tactics.


Apart from providing users with more information and relevant content, we have also seen a boost in day-to-day traffic within the first three months. They are is now well on their way to establishing themselves as a leading player in the residential and commercial buyer's agent markets in Gellong, Melbourne and Australia.

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