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Launching a New Age Drinks Co: A Case Study

This case study examines the successful launch of a new drinks company. We will look at the strategies and tactics used to create a successful launch, as well as the results achieved. By studying this case study, you will gain valuable insights into how to launch a new drinks company and create a successful launch.


Higher State Beveridge Co is a new-age drinks maker based in Port Fairy, Victoria. With a focus on no alcohol and no sugar products that are ready to drink, they approached Hamma on the cusp of a drinks revolution. The challenge was to make sure they were best placed to ride the wave of interest associated with the new movement of sober and sober curious drinkers.


The challenge was to make sure Higher State was best placed to ride the wave associated with the new movement of sober and sober curious drinkers. This involved creating a brand that would appeal to this target market, as well as ensuring that the products themselves were of the highest quality. In order to do this, Hamma undertook extensive market research and worked closely with Higher State to develop a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy.


We knew that we needed to tap into the trend that was driving the growth in their target market, but we also needed to make sure that we didn’t lose sight of their roots. This meant that our approach had to be two-pronged.

First, we needed to make sure that their website placed them as experts in the no and low-alcohol drinks market. This was achieved by building a site on the Shopify platform that would allow us to showcase their products in the best possible light and make it easy for customers to purchase online.

Second, we needed to make sure that we were reaching the right people with the right message. We achieved this through a combination of targeted paid advertising and email marketing.

Paid advertising was used to target people who were searching for products like Higher State’s, as well as those who had visited similar sites in the past. This helped to ensure that we were bringing people to the site who were already interested in what Higher State had to offer.

Email marketing was then used to stay in touch with people who had shown an interest in Higher State, but who hadn’t made a purchase yet. This allowed us to keep Higher State top of mind and encourage people to take the next step and buy their products.


The results of our work with Higher State have been impressive, with online sales quickly growing to make up a significant proportion of their overall revenue.

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