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Keeping 'appy... Is It Time for an App-First Approach to Your HubSpot Implementation?

Discover the benefits of implementing an app-first approach to HubSpot with this workshop blueprint. Streamline your operations and enhance your user experience with the HubSpot app. Join the conversation and explore the possibilities.

You might be surprised to catch me discussing the HubSpot app. While I appreciate the functionality of the desktop version, the app tends to be a mixed experience.

The app doesn't deliver the same comprehensive features as the desktop or browser version, and yes, it has limitations. Trying to move a deal into another pipeline can be cumbersome, and the lack of filters is perplexing.

But let's reconsider these constraints. They force us to simplify, to focus on fewer, more crucial tasks. This can make the user experience more efficient and streamlined.

By setting up the right views, filters, and workflows, the app could become a valuable tool for your business. It transforms from a frustrating inconvenience into a reliable, user-friendly resource.

This leads us to an interesting proposition. We're all familiar with mobile-first and responsive design, but what about an app-first approach to your HubSpot setup?

Consider your sales teams, always on the move and needing quick, easy access to their HubSpot data. An app-first design could be an ideal solution.

Also, think about businesses where tablets are the norm. Integrating tablets with an app-first approach could create a seamless, efficient working environment where access to HubSpot is a breeze.

Yes, it's a bold idea. But sometimes, it pays to challenge the status quo. An app-first design could be the innovative approach your HubSpot needs. So why not give it a try? As they say, fortune favours the bold.

So, we've examined the strengths and weaknesses of the HubSpot app and even pondered an app-first approach. But how about we take this theoretical discussion a step further? How about we dive into a practical application of this idea in your everyday operations? Let's brainstorm, discuss, and strategise about this in a workshop. This way, we can explore together how an app-first approach could work in your specific context and how to get the most out of your HubSpot app experience.

Title: "Implementing an App-First Configuration: A Workshop Blueprint"


  1. Explain the workshop's purpose and objectives.
  2. Dive deeper into the concept of an app-first design.
  3. Highlight the benefits of an app-first approach, particularly for mobile-centric teams.

HubSpot App Overview

  1. Give participants a hands-on exploration of the HubSpot app.
  2. Detail the differences between the app and the desktop version.
  3. Discuss the app's limitations and how they can encourage more streamlined operations.

The Art of Simplicity

  1. Explain the importance of setting up the right views, filters, and workflows for efficient app use.
  2. Encourage participants to evaluate which HubSpot aspects are essential for their work and how these can be managed via the app.

Breakout Session: Personalising the App

  1. Divide participants into groups to brainstorm strategies for individual or role-based use of the app.
  2. Share ideas and strategies to foster diverse solutions for various team roles.

Strategising an App-First Approach

  1. Plan what an app-first design might look like in your company's context.
  2. Identify the changes needed to your current HubSpot setup.
  3. Develop an implementation plan, including potential challenges and solutions.


  1. Summarise the key points and strategies from the workshop.
  2. Promote a mindset of experimentation with the app-first approach.
  3. Discuss follow-up steps and plan for ongoing communication about the app-first journey.

Adopting a new approach can seem daunting, but this workshop aims to make the transition smoother and more collaborative. The goal is to discover how an app-first approach can enhance your HubSpot experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly, no matter where your team is working.

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