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Decoding CRM: HubSpot vs Simplicity - A Balanced Perspective for Businesses

Discover the pros and cons of using HubSpot CRM versus simplicity for your business. Find out how HubSpot can turn your business into a cash cow

It was during a quiet moment of contemplation (fuelled by my third cup of coffee), that I had a revelation - a bit late in the day, much like my decision to start jogging. The question on my mind was why every business under the sun, big or small, is advised to have a CRM? Turns out, it's about putting the right intel in the right hands at the right moment.


On a laid-back family weekend, my affable brother-in-law, who can talk about his corporate world as poetically as he does about his love for fishing, mentioned his use of some ultra-sophisticated, cost-a-small-fortune sales tools at his well-regarded company. While I, on the other hand, have been cheering for HubSpot since setting sail on my entrepreneurial journey with Hamma.

With the enthusiasm of a true HubSpot evangelist, I've worn the badge of a 'HubSpot Specialist.' Championing its virtues in the no-code camp, I've been cheerfully telling anyone who'd lend an ear, “HubSpot is as easy as pie, my friends!”

But then, wham! Reality hit me like a surprise splash of cold water during a hot shower.

Hold on, was I peddling a dream? I’ve grappled with more HubSpot accounts than I can count, and let's just say, 'easy' isn't the adjective I'd reach for. Sure, HubSpot has its charm - the plug-and-play aspect, the one-size-fits-all user interface, and the blessed 24/7 support. But trying to mold the complex needs of a business into HubSpot's structure? Imagine wrestling with a feather-stuffed duvet to get it into a laundry bag - that’s about the right analogy.

HubSpot is as flexible as a master gymnast, but that flexibility calls for a rulebook rivalling War and Peace. HubSpot is as potent as a superhero, but mastering it requires the patience of a cat waiting to pounce.

Now, here's the thing. When you have a fantastic product that your sales team believes in, when your coffers are ready for a growth investment, and when your patience levels resemble that of a monk in deep meditation - HubSpot shines like a diamond. It's a CRM and Business System that can turn your business into a cash cow, if used right. But, it’s not the only game in town. If you’re not ready to wrestle it into submission, I say stick with the dependable old spreadsheets. They'll save you time, money, and a few grey hairs in the long run.

So, there it is - my two cents on the HubSpot vs. simplicity debate. When it comes to deciding between the two, remember - it's not about which road is more traveled, but which one suits your journey best. Whether it's scaling a mountain or navigating the CRM labyrinth, the goal is to enjoy the ride and reach your destination in your own style. Because, in the end, business, much like life, is about making the journey count.

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