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Growth-Hacking a Melbourne Music Store Institution: Plus 497% of Online Revenue

Hamma. Worked with World of Music Brighton to create a consumer-led strategy that has resulted in unbelievable revenue growth.

World of Music, Brighton is one of Australia's best online and bricks and mortar music store. Run by Tim O'Halloran and a team of capable musos, they have established themselves as a small team that punch hard when it comes to customer service, product range and and innovation. When we first met with WOM, one of the first things that struck us was their attention to detail and genuine care about their products, service and most importantly — their customers. 

The Challenge

Our brief was essentially — "how can you help us go to the next level in the online space". No mean feat with plenty of competition and and complex set of rules about how 'it's done in the business". 

These include: 

  • Margins
  • PPC shipping constraints 
  • Competition 
  • Licensing and reselling
  • Range of products and services (including the Alamo, the musci school, the physical store walk ins and their online store)
  • COVID and it's impacts. 

And then, there's the need to work lean, fast and ensure a positive ROI so the business can continue to hit it's growth targets. 

Maybe our eyes were bigger than our bellies - but, we'd pilled our plate high. 

Our Approach

We took World of Music through our Digital Foundations, to work through their goals and objective and ensure that all of their digital channels are set up correctly to collect all of the relevant data points. The tactics that came as a result of the data lead us to propose a three-pronged approach to driving sales:

  • Improved site user experience (measured by an increase in conversion rate) 
  • Search engine optimisation (measured by a growth in organic traffic, clicks and goal completions) 
  • Pay per click advertising (a simplification and expansion of our channels to including shopping, remarketing, and Bing) 

In addition, we on-boarded Hubspot as their CRM, and connected the online store to a range of out of the box integrations that would allow for passive recovery and remarketing. 

The Impact

July 2020 to 2019 Revenue Comparison

By optimising page content throughout the site and fixing technical SEO issues, we were able to improve organic traffic near to 7% month-on-month, which is a tremendous result, given that organic traffic is the largest driver of sales for World of Music.

Our recommended UX changes to the site also drove up product views on the site by 26% month-on-month.

By completely redoing World of Music’s social advertising and optimising their Adwords campaigns, we were able to increase our return on investment for each channel between 600% and 100%.

More recently, we've seen a lot of the foundations set up now starting to flow through the site, shown here by breakout figures across key areas of the site being revenue, conversion rate and total transactions. 

It is important to note these outstanding fugures could not have been achieved if we were not able to start with such a good product. COVID has also helped many in the music industry, however, Tim and his team have been able to keep up with the demand and are ready to take the next step.

Where to next? 

It's business as usual and we have already identified new growth targets over the next three months, along with some exciting new project work that we hope to announce over the next month or so. Stay tuned. 


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