New UI brings a breathe of fresh air to HubSpot's social tools

HubSpot has brought in an innovative new social posting user experience that brings the ease of social media posting alongside new features like carousel!

Anyone using the Marketing Hub on HubSpot would have known for a while that there has been a lack of focus on the social section of the marketing hub. It did the basic functionality well, but there was always room for improvement.

While social media should never be the centrepiece of a marketing strategy, it plays a vital role in making sure your brand is seen and heard by a wide variety of people. Yet, the social section on HubSpot often made it difficult when compared to other schedulers, including Facebook’s meta business scheduler.

While many people would have gone to the lengths of abandoning the Marketing Hub, instead choosing scheduling apps that gave them carousel posting in an easier to use UI. It meant they tended to miss out on the analytical and reporting connectivity that HubSpot could have given them.

This thankfully, is no longer a problem, as this week HubSpot has brought a new UI dubbed their ‘full-screen social composer’ to the social posting tool as well as the addition of the Instagram carousel functionality and video posting.

If you head to the social page under the marketing hub, you’ll notice a little beta button down in the bottom left corner. If you opt into this beta you’ll be given access to the new UI and capabilities of HubSpot’s social tool.


Social beta button on social tools


As you can see the tool looks very different from its predecessor, no longer just using a side window to schedule your content.

a GIF showing the new user interface

Not only does it give you a live preview for the accounts you’re posting to, it will allow you to post to multiple accounts at once with their own descriptions without needing to jump in and out of the scheduler, now lining up with Facebook’s scheduler. 


To jump on this fantastic change to the social scheduler tool, make sure you opt into the social beta so you can take advantage of the new features by hitting the beta button on your social scheduling page!


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