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Hamma Delivers: End of year report 2021

What a year it’s been. With the pressure of running a small to mid-sized business and navigating a global pandemic.

What a year it’s been. With the pressure of running a small to mid-sized business and navigating a global pandemic, I think it’s fair to say along with everyone else, that 2022 is hopefully going to be better than 2021. It's scary to think about what we might be able to achieve.

2021, despite everything, was awesome for the Hamma team. Jemma Hollway joining us and teaming up with Lisa Lowe for the delivery of our Lygon HubSpot projects was a revelation. Emmanuel Cordoba coming on as a full time BA gave a level of analysis and clear and concise communication that we haven’t been able to get our heads around previously, with Georgia Jarvis coming on board to provide us with a little bit more organisation and help around our venture and non-marketing opportunities. 

Next year we have already locked in two great hires, with Mandy Wong coming over to join us as the Office Manager and Dan Hanssen replacing the irreplaceable Jemma Hollway as our digital creative. We will be moving into the new office mid-January and are looking forward to a few quiet weeks before really ripping into the new year. 

I think it’s important to document some of our achievements for the year. 


I cannot be more proud of the team in how they delivered the Lygon work. The bulk of which was completed over seven 3-week sprints. You can read about them and see the documentation by clicking on the links below. 

Sprint 1 & 2

Sprint 3 & 4

Sprint 5 

Sprint 6 

Sprint 7

Further, by letting the work speak for itself, you can see the pudding with our updated processes providing a fantastic framework for delivering consulting projects. This approach was also featured in the Mar Tech Outlook as we were featured as a global top 10 HubSpot implementation agency. 

The future of our partnership with Lygon also continues to look rosy. We are proud to have helped them deliver a world-class HubSpot instance and can’t wait to see what lies ahead, especially for Marketing and Customer Service. 

Monday Distillery

This lovely boutique non-alc Port Fairy powerhouse has been one of our great supporters over the last few years. We have seen phenomenal growth online that has been backed up with strong distribution in both new and existing stores. Their relationship with Dan’s was recently highlighted with a drinkwise promotion that had them front and centre. 

From an agency perspective, we’ve recently had some referrals directly from the Monday website, a clear indication that the market puts them at the top of their list of competitors and market leaders. 

Other experiments and initiatives that worked were the development of the build a box. Providing customers with flexibility and customisation of the products they want. 

For the next year we will be pushing for more strategic awareness and brand-building advertisements. This is a capitalisation on the Spotify experiments, which saw CPM equate to (find figure). 


Personally, I’m really excited to see where we can take these brands. The increasing dollar has provided some challenges around the cost of goods, however, generally the market has been very good for these Real Estate aligned businesses. This year we launched a brand new website for VMAU and provided more ecommerce support across both brands. The ecommerce store alone saw a jump of almost 100% in revenue, which was matched by total transactions (up 115%), conversion rate (14%). Although most of the sales throughout the year were from accessories — the last few months have been bolstered by sales of both commercial printing and LED signs. 

We also had a huge win with the implementation of Pinch Payments being integrated into both Dear and Xero. This Brisbane-based start up is providing solutions to businesses by allowing customers to accept payments directly through their invoices. The main difference being the flexibility and convenience of being able to split the payments, use a direct debit feature, and properly account for the fees within your accounting system (something that is very difficult to do). The direct impact of this has allowed the business to capture more cash upfront, which results in a more streamlined process and accountability along the customer journey. 

Both businesses were early adopters of the Marketer’s Friend and we are seeing steady growth in business listings and local organic growth. VMNZ is also pioneering a trial with an online Reputation Management tool with Review Requests to improve their rating and reputation in the market. 

Next year we expect to continue to grow our organic presence and will be dedicating more time to being more planned in our marketing campaigns and content development. We are also doing a final year-end push to reinforce their HubSpot account with a tech audit and journey map being completed before rolling out training and conversion path work. 

Introducing: LED BY US

A spin-off from VMAU, LED BY US is one of the most exciting things to come out of 2021. Partnering with Australia’s leading digital LED manufacturers, Adelaide-based One World LED, LED BY US has an exclusive distribution agreement to provide digital signage services to the Real Estate sector in both Australia and New Zealand. With a focus on getting digital right, we were tasked with providing new brand guidelines and setting up a digital instance that would be able to attract, convert and service our customers. 

Our services include: 

  • Static LED (Mostly DIY) 
  • Digital LED 
  • Off-page (in-store) conversion tracking
  • Finance

We have launched the brand, with a draft website currently available at We are hoping to launch officially before the end of the year. 

The tech stack includes: 

  • Shopify 
  • HubSpot CMS
  • HubSpot Sales Pro 
  • HubSpot Marketing Pro
  • HubSpot Custom Quotes
  • HubSpot Workflows
  • Campaign Wizard Templates 
  • Marketer’s Friend Growth Package

Introducing: The Marketer’s Friend by Hamma.Digital

Finally! It’s here. Our performance marketing baby. Almost a year in the making and we’ve now launched. Built through internal agile-based sprints, the entire Hamma team can say they’ve been a part of this development. From product development, testing, brand research, naming, brand development, creative, campaign planning and now (almost) launch. 

Designed to help micro and small businesses with their digital marketing and online, it features a range of online tools and access to service providers that allows for a cheap and effective solution for busy businesses that don’t need or want to pay big agency costs, or don’t have time or want to learn how to do it themselves. 

For the launch, we are happy to waive the onboarding costs and will be providing the first month free. To take advantage of this deal, please click on the link and enter the code: “LIFTOFF”.

Who is it for? 

Mum and dad companies, new companies, established companies with busy marketing managers and anyone who knows they should be doing their google reviews/SEO/conversion rate optimisation better than they have been. It’s designed to make the technical parts of marketing easy to understand and get done, so our clients can focus on building their business, servicing clients and winning more work. 

Foundation clients (a huge thank you for your ongoing support)

Check out the launch creative: 

Introducing: Days.Golf 

Print on demand is here. Providing an alternative to fast fashion and integrating with print-on-demand apps within Shopify, we built a norm-core golf brand called Days.Golf and launched using the Marketer’s Friend. 

Hang on, are you saying that you launched a golf clothing company? Yes. That’s what we did. Trying to fill the gap in the market for golfers like me and the people I play with. We’re not pros, we’re dads and part-timers - So why are all the brands and clothing options on the market a play on being professional and high-performance, when we really just want something comfortable and easy.

Utilising the print on demand application, we developed a range of: 

  • Golf jumpers
  • Golf socks
  • Golf hats 
  • Golf shirts 

In terms of development, we are undertaking a regular review of the products and will be doing conversion rate optimisation and growth marketing strategies to build the brand. 

The jumpers, dad hats and socks are excellent — I am incredibly proud of the branding and products and would love to see where this can take us. I have friends and family launch codes that I would like to make available: “B-RADGETS30”. Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who loves golf and is happy to support us. We’re happy to pass on the discount. 

HubSpot Onboarding and Consultancy

When we started out on our agency life journey, we always wanted to be known for delivering value and providing our clients with a commercial approach. This wasn’t a literal industrial application, I wanted to be known for not being the cheapest, but being an agency and group of people who provide the most value in our projects. Part of this is why I’m so proud to be recognised internationally as one of the world’s leading HubSpot implementation agencies.

HubSpot is one of the market leaders specialising in marketing automation, business workflows and sales and lead nurturing. Over the last year our team has specialised in building custom workflows and processes connecting Hubspot to sales teams and lead nurture flows.

Examples of work includes: 

  • Custom book a meeting flows
  • End-to-end lead nurture flows
  • Welcome emails
  • Cold/Warm lead nurture flows
  • Knowledge bases
  • Chat flows. 

If you would like to see how HubSpot might work for your business, please find some time to talk with Ian Hammond, here: 

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